600×1000 50T Oats flaking mill

600×1000 50T Oats flaking mill
600×1000 oat flaking mill is our main product which have covered 80% market shares of domestic. Abiding by the strict requirements of food processing, we uses nontoxicity stainless steel plate in those parts that contact the materials. We own independent intellectual property and get great praise of clients. 
Product brand: Liaohai Mingzhu (famous trademark of Liaoning Province)
Squeezing material : domestic oats, Australian oats, quinoa.
Daily processing capacity: 50T/D
Motor power: 65.75 Kw
Product size: length/width/height:  2380*1220*1500
Warranty period: 1 years, take charge of maintenance lifelong
Flaking thickness: 0.25-0.35 mm
Machine weight: about 7T
Roller revolution: 295r/min
Roller specification: 600×1000 (roller of China First Heavy Industry)
Gaochang Company, through years of accumulated experience in the practice of rolling machine, combined the processing technology of oat meal and the difference in characteristics with the characteristics of the oats, to produce oat flaking machine which suitable for oat processing production. It also can press other cereals and the model of machine can be shaped to your needs.
1. After quenching and tempering, the oats roll into tight by hydraulic pressure. With relative pressure, a uniform piece comes out from between two rollers.
2. High-yield, up to 2 T/h
3. High degree of automation, use of PLC automatic control. No need to adjust manually
4. Intermittent control flaking pump station
5. All stainless steel components
40-50T/D small-scale oat flaking mill is designed for daily processing demand of 40-50 tons according to different processing demands from different clients. On the basis of ten more years’ experience in flaking mill manufacturing, we deep into steam corn tablet and oats tablet industry, combined with the advantages of foreign tablet press machine, assimilated the technology of Roskamp’s tablet press machine to optimize the design of the machine based on the flaking technical principal of flaking mill. The whole machine adopts closed safety system with good workmanship; it possesses the characteristics of productive single-machine, high-quality tabletting, safe, reliable and stable. The roll is designed reasonable anti-tooth gear shape; catch up with the level of similar foreign goods. At present, we are the only supplier who can manufacture the machine with independent intellectual property rights, and enjoy a good reputation among users.

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