Camellia seed Roller mill

Camellia seed Roller mill
On the bases of ten more years flaking mill manufacturing experience, Gaochang Company have designed new style paratory equipment for camellia seed. The processing progress divided into three stage: cracking----cracking & flaking-----flaking.
Product brand: Liaohai mingzhu (famous trademark of Liaoning province)
Squeezeing materials: camellia seeds, tea seed and other small species of material.
Daily processing capacity: 40T/D camellia seed
Motor power: 37kw
Product dimensions: length/width/heighth 1800*1200*1400
Expiration date: 1 years, responsible for the maintenance of life
Flaking thickness: 0.25-0.35(mm)
Total weight of machine: about 2.7T
Roller revolution: 265r/min
Roller specification: 400*800(China First Heavy Industries/Spanish Polignac roller)
As the name suggest: the structure adopts a cracking roll upside and flaking roll downside, which is good for second breaking and then flaking. Gaochang machine optimized for breaking and flaking camellia seed.

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