Hydraulic wire drawing machine

Hydraulic wire drawing machine
Hydraulic wire drawing machine is a kind of special equipment that can repair the gear rollers of crusher and decorticator. The tooth roller gear of crusher and decorticator can be dull after a long-term use, which may impact the output and effect, so that you must wire drawing again. This machine R&D independently by our company using the method of hydraulic control .Its performance are steady and reliable can meets drawing needs of different gear rollersí specification.
1. Hydraulicpolishing & wire drawing machine is mainly used for the polishing and wiredrawing of breaker roll.
2. Compositerail are used for the surface, both grinding wheel and toll holder areperpendicular to the workbench, which can increase the stability of work piecesduring operation, making the cutting consistent with the pressure to ensure theaccuracy of work piece.
3. Theworkbench consists of hydraulic transmission, grinding wheel and grinding, allof which are driven by a separate electric motor.
4. Themachine operation buttons concentrate on the machine front, making theoperation safer and more convenient.

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